Don’t Rain on My Parade

Imagine Barbara Streisand belting out ” Don’t bring around a cloud to rain on my parade”, that’s how we’re feeling  out here at Flushing Meadow.
They’ve just made the announcement that all play will be canceled for today.  I need to go out and get some “rain” photos.  Trying to juggle an umbrella and focus my camera while the wind is blowing and rain is pelting my legs is a very good trick.  Most fans have already fled, but a few of the hard-core who have travelled out to Queens are making the best of the weather, huddling at the Heineken bar and watching people running for cover.  
I also notice a couple of fans under an umbrella up in the stands..someone needs to tell them there will be no play.. or are they just sitting there because they’ve paid big dollars for seats on Ashe stadium and are going to use them rain or shine.
Wimbledon has always had the number one ranking for bad weather, but it looks like the US Open could be competing for the title. With Tuesdays matches all canceled and rain forecast for much of Wednesday, we could be looking at a Monday final for the fourth year in a row.
Fifty four matches including half of the men’s fourth round singles, two women’s quarterfinal singles, plus doubles and juniors were all canceled today.
The full schedule has just come out for tomorrow, 61 matches.  . If play goes a scheduled, anyone planning to be here as a fan or worker had better get to bed early and have a good breakfast.  It’ll be great  if they get then in but no one is optimistic.  If the weather does clear, anyone holding Wednesday tickets will have a day they won’t forget.  Four fourth round mens matches and two mens quarter finals, plus four womens quarters will make this a huge tennis day.   Starting at 11 AM Nadal and Muller will be on Ashe, Ferrer and Roddick on Armstrong, and Young vs. Murray on Grandstand.
This is going to be a nightmare..three huge matches on at the same time, plus the fact that Grandstand only has seating for 12 photographers and all the Americans and Brits are going to want to be on that match.  This means if you want to shoot this match you will have to go at the beginning to get a seat, and if you leave to go one of the other matches you will never get a place again for match point.  You may think you want me job..well it can be a lot more difficult than it looks,
And speaking of difficulty, this could definitely affect the outcome of the tournament.  The winner of  Nadal/ Muller, Roddick/ Ferrer, Murray/Young and Isner/ Simon, will have to play four best-of-five matches in 5 days to get to the final.  Djokovic and Federer are already through to the quarters so they will have the advantage, plus DJ is in incredible condition and would be hard to beat even if you were well rested.
So that’s the bad news.  The good news is, most of the press has left so there is no line at the USTA’s complementary happy hour, and I’m going to get out of here early and have a great dinner in NYC instead of grabbing something at the press dining room and eating at my desk.


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