Random Notes From Wimbledon

First Random Notes from Wimbledon

 The Flight; Making Lemonade out of Lemons

My good friend once said to me, “If anyone can make lemonade out of lemons it’s you”.  Well, I had the opportunity to do that on my flight to London.  All settled on my United flight I was happy to find that I was sharing my row with two nice girls.Image

We were already chatting and sharing stories like 3 girls having a friendly lunch.  I was looking forward to a pleasant relaxed flight,  maybe watching a couple of films that I would never dream of buying a ticket to see, but nonetheless might be entertaining enough for inflight viewing.   However fate had a different idea.  When I went to plug in my headset, I found that someone had broken off a connection inside the armrest and it was not usable.  OH NO .. 8 hours with no movies, and I didn’t bring a book! But wait!  I noticed on the far right of my screen a folder titled, “International Films” Alright!  It’s all good; I can watch a film with subtitles!  So a piece of bad luck turned out to be very good luck because I watched a wonderful Japanese film called Bread of Happiness. Image

I love this film! I’m going to try to get the DVD so I can see it at home again.  It’s a story about a couple who escapes the crowded stressful life in Tokyo and move to Lake Toya in Hokkaido Prefecture.  They start a bakery and Inn named Mani.   People come to the Inn to overnight or just for a meal, bringing their problems with them, but after enjoying the bread, food and beauty of the Lake; they leave worry free and happy.  It’s a simple story but beautifully told.  I realized that without the distraction of sound, I enjoyed the artistry of the Japanese art direction even more than I normally might have. I noticed the beauty of a plain white cup, placed on a plain white plate, on a worn, polished wooden table, the line of a white lace umbrella against blue sky.  It was the best inflight film experience I’ve had.  So lemonade out of a lemon… perfect.

Day one, beautiful sunny… is this really England?  No worries, by 4PM the clouds and rain came… yes, this is England.  Not too bad however, just light showers, no matches postponed.   It’s a nightmare if it rains a lot the first week and they get way behind, and then we have to worry all week if they will have play on our precious middle Sunday off.  We look forward to this like school children let out for the day. 

Following a pattern set at Roland Garros, the Americans didn’t do so well in the first round. Venus, Isner, Donald Young, James Blake, Vania King and Melanie Oudin are all packing their bags. Ryan Harrison and Jamie Hampton were the only US player to survive this opening day at the Big W.  Hampton, currently ranked 100 on the WTA ranking list, actually had a big win, defeating 27th seed Daniela Hantuchova in straight sets.

On a lighter note, Nola had a little fun with his sponsor who has provided him with a new bag that stands up like a golf bag.  Getting ready to begin his first round match, he pulled a child sized golf club out of the bag.  Fans got a laugh and shouted out that this was not a golf course, DJ, always the joker had a laugh and went on to destroy Juan Carlos Ferraro, who wasn’t laughing.Image


Day two.  Eye Candy day!  Nadal, Bellucci, Lopez, Haas…Nice!  Life is good.  Note that three out of the four are Latin… and Haas with his dark good looks could definitely pass for Spanish I’m just saying.Something about those Latinos.ImageImageImageImage

 It’s  looking up for the stars and stripes,  Serena, Brian Baker, Mardy Fish and Sam Querrey all posted wins, and Andy was up a set and a break when his match was called for … what else RAIN.. yes, this is Wimbledon!  The big news on day two is… of course… Mighty Andy Murray’s devastation of Nikolay Davydenko closing out the first set in just 26 minutes.  Will coach Llendl be able to finally give the Brits a Wimbledon winner?  If so, the Czech two times Wimbledon finalist will be as celebrated as the champion who holds the gold trophy over his head on day 14. 

Okay, that’s it for now, its 11:30 PM… Don’t know where the day goes, but I’m heading back to get some much needed Z’s


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